Beta Testing Info


MVP Beta Testing Is Completed

With your help, we’ve successfully concluded the MVP Phase of HUDU! Thank you for your time spend testing and providing feedback on our Minimum Viable Product. We’ve implemented all that we learned and look forward to hearing what you think of HUDU v2.0!

When Does HUDU v2.0 Release?

HUDU v2.0 is in the works as you read this! We’ve got most of the framework built out but there’s still a lot to do! We’re aiming at an early Fall 2022 release date for 2.0! Make sure you are subscribed to our monthly newsletter so you’re the first to know about HUDU updates! (see below!)

Features of v2.0:

What features will be built into HUDU v2.0? Well… great question! That all depends on how impatient our CEO gets! Building features takes time, and thats time we could be spending putting cash into the pockets of hard working Americans! Don’t worry, it will be much more functional than the MVP. Here’s what we know it will have:


About New Features

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